Born from the unexpected meeting of two women with a passion for projects, Marée Chandelles offers a range of products created with a well-defined objective: to make your moments of relaxation exceptional. Varied fragrances, creative designs, quality natural materials; all the winning elements are gathered to make these products part of your must-haves.

Candles are without a doubt the company's star product, and have been since the very beginning. They are made with organic soy wax and have a longer life span, since this wax burns up to 40% longer than conventional waxes. Marée Candles also uses meticulously selected natural fragrances to create candles that not only smell divine, but are also toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

We also offer a complete line of wellness and relaxation products, designed with love and care. The room mists, wax tablets and other products in our home collection are natural and gentle on the environment, and are created in a vegan manufacturing process.

These are all details that, together with an ambitious and creative team, make Marée Chandelles a flourishing company with human values.